Late Wednesday afternoon the Colorado Rockies and the Metropolitan Baseball Stadium District struck a deal to keep the Rockies at Coors Field. The Metropolitan Baseball Stadium Baseball District is the state division that owns Coors Field.

The deal is a $200 million, 30-year lease keeping the boys in purple at 20th & Blake through 2047. That will mark 53 years at the Lower Downtown location. One of the National Leagues oldest ballparks, Coors Field aka Coors Canaveral will be home for three more generations of fans.

In the deal the Rockies acquired the rights to lease and develop a plot of land south of the stadium. For that land the team will pay the district $125 million for 99 years. Couple that with the teams $2.5 million a year rent, you end up at the $200 million.

The original lease between the two sides was set to expire tomorrow, March 30, 2017. The Rockies used the expiring contract to secure land outside of the stadium, already zoned for retail, office, and residential occupants.

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