John Ross



    TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals


    NUMBER: 15


    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 188 pounds

    COLLEGE (HOMETOWN): Washington (Long Beach, CA)



    Trust Falls in Green Bay

    This week, the guys have some quick reactions to the NFL playoffs, but are saving the bulk for next week (1:05). Then they talk about the best bowl games of all time (11:19), Aaron Rodgers’s coachability (17:31), and a speed conspiracy (24:27). Then, on this week’s problems in the world, a high school basketball player is screwed out of her senior year of basketball for representing the USA and a bit of bureaucracy (31:04), and robocallers won’t leave Kevin alone (38:07). Are you allowed to say “We won!” when your team is successful (41:58). Then the guys go through their junk drawers (47:55) and blow Pops’s mind with a shower realization. All that, our Championship predictions, and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website, check out how we’re doing in Playoffs?! and Buy Buy Buy. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you, use offer code JPP to add 50% your initial investment, and, a ticket provider for sports, music, shows, and more. Enter Armchair at checkout for 5% off your your ticket price.

    The Cleveland Browns prepare for former HC Hue Jackson and the Cincinnati Bengals

    The Cleveland Browns face the Cincinnati Bengals and former head coach Hue Jackson on Sunday for this seasons first inner-state rivalry game.

    Deep Route Football Notebook: Week Two

    In this week's installment, Zach Cohen explains why the game has changed, why a rising QB is legit, hands out weekly awards, and more!

    TDP77: NFL 2018 AFC North Win Totals

    BC explores the evolution of the AFC North. Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis want to win a playoff game for once. Hue Jackson just wants to win a regular season game. Lamar Jackson just wants to play in a game. Pittsburgh has one more year to win it all with their Big 3. The boys analyze offseason changes and forecast season win totals for the 2018 NFL Season. [01:06] Baltimore Ravens #RavensFlock [08:17] Cincinnati Bengals #WhoDey [12:39] Cleveland Browns #DawgPound [18:35] Pittsburgh Steelers #HereWeGo [25:34] AFC North Champion Follow us on Twitter @TheDollarParlay for daily betting insights and game-by-game previews. This episode is brought to you by The Armchair All-Americans. #TakeASeat

    Over/Under Stats on the 2017 NFL Draft Class

    In their final show before they dive into their previews of college football prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft, Rob Paul and AJ Marchese have some fun. They guess over/under on statistical outputs for the 2017 NFL Draft class in their second season in the league.



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