Jimmy Graham



    TEAM: Green Bay Packers

    POSITION: Tight End

    NUMBER: 80

    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-7, 265 pounds

    COLLEGE (HOMETOWN): Miami (Goldsboro, NC)

    Jimmy Graham Highlights


    Not Literally

    This week, the guys get hyped about March Madness (1:05), and then spend most of their time on the best and worst of the week, including the always entertaining Florida Man, trying to figure out if Ben Roethlisberger is getting paid more than the Steelers have to not pay Mr Big Chest, and how documentaries are affect our music (11:50). Is Kevin flip flopping on the most important generational sports question since Ali vs Sugar Ray (51:44). Show notes and more can be found on our website. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you MyBookie.ag, use offer code JPP to add 50% your initial investment, and TixBlitz.com, a ticket provider for sports, music, shows, and more. Enter Armchair at checkout for 5% off your your ticket price.

    The Story of Drew Brees is the Story of the NFL

    Drew Brees is now the best QB of all time by at least one metric. Where does he truly stand among the greats? The NFC East is still a shot in the dark, who comes out on top, and what do the Eagles need to do to go back to back? Did the Jacksonville Bortles lose, or did Kansas City win? And where do we stand on the Packers? All that and much, much more, this week on Just Press Play.

    Justin Tucker Can Sing Opera

    The Bonehammer rejoins us for another mid week episode. What month is the best month to watch sports (1:05)? The guys hop right into that Monday night game where Tony promised a beat down but was afraid to give points. Who is Mahomes? Romo, Montana, or Favre (7:37)? Then, elsewhere in the NFL, the Rams are still good, Koetter may need to update his resume, and Jerry needs to learn a thing or two from Ozzy (20:39). Earl Thomas has his season ended and left with a gesture. Who is in the right and wrong here (45:44)? Then L.J. joins us for the pickem segment, where some QBs ride the hot seat and the guys are almost all about one team (55:33). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

    The tie between the Vikings and Packers put me in a glass case of emotion

    While no one likes ending in a tie, Sunday's Vikings-Packers game was a hectic affair that hit every possible emotion I have, reminding me why I love sports so much.

    2018 Ultimate Fantasy Notebook

    It's fantasy football season in America, and to celebrate, Zach Cohen created the one-way ticket to fantasy glory with the Ultimate Fantasy Notebook, featuring rankings, sleepers, advice, and so much more!



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